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The Right Plants

We know how to select indoor plants suited to a wide variety of environments, from no natural light to a bright sunny window.  

Some plants love a cool space with minimal light while others need full natural light.  

Some spaces need bright, attention attracting plants while some spaces need a stately and subdued ambiance.
What do you  want to create? 


The Right Care

Live plant maintenance is provided so you don't have to fret about keeping plants beautiful and healthy. 

On a set schedule that will work within your hours and needs, a uniformed technician will water, clean, prune, and feed to maintain plants in optimum condition.  Our guaranteed maintenance plan provides replacements when needed.


The Right Reason

Interior living plants provide a lush beauty that will enhance and accent any environment.  Think of them as living art with healthy benefits!  Live plants can draw attention, direct traffic, reduce noise, and establish intimate spaces.  People feel more comfortable and relaxed in the presence of plants and consumers have a higher perceived value of products and services.    


why live interior plants?

The hypothesis of biophilia suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.  Many people spend a large amount of time indoors, so providing links to nature help improve our outlook and mood.  Interior plantscapes can help fill the need for interactions with nature making clients and associates more comfortable, engaged, and relaxed.

As living art, plants provide aesthetic beauty.   Plants can soften sharp corners, frame a view, and create intimate spaces.  Lush interior plants communicate that your company cares about the environment and the wellbeing of their customers and employees.  Healthy plants attract attention, direct focus, create interest, movement and flow.  

Live plants have many healthy benefits.  In addition to improved job satisfaction, living indoor plants also reduce stress and background noise, and increase focus, creativity, teamwork and productivity.  Another great benefit of indoor plants is how they diminish the effects of "sick building syndrome."  Buildings today are so well sealed they are virtually air-tight with little fresh air introduced.  Of course indoor plants produce oxygen, but they also act as filters to remove Volatile Organic Compounds and toxins from our interior spaces, decrease dust and allergens, and improve humidity levels.  

With all these benefits, live indoor plants are a natural plus for every office, lobby, and personal environment!  Let us make your interior into a beautiful, healthier atmosphere.

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